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Beta Tools

Beta Utensili is a leading company in the production and sales of professional hand tools.
They have three production plants in Italy:  Sovico, d’Adda and Sulmona  Beta Utensili employs more than 550 staff worldwide. The range comprises 20 product categories and more than 10.000 coded items. Accuracy, precision, rigor, quality, courage, style, consistency, innovation. Beta works daily, in close contact with end users, researching materials, design and constant improvement. Scrupulous control on each tool ensures its invariable quality.

Sockets and accessories, spanners and wrenches, Torque wrenches, Screwdrivers, male end wrenches and bits, pliers and nippers, hammers and chisels, pullers, sparkproof tools, plumbers tools, electrotechnics, vehicle repair, pneumatic tools, wire rope accessories.